They discover a cemetery with 250 graves excavated in stone

They were found in the rock on the side of a hill, in a desert area in the east of the country. Some of them have elaborate architecture and hieroglyphic inscriptions. Around 250 mortuary constructions were found about 386 kilometers southeast of the city of Cairo, more precisely, east of the province of Suhag -or Sohag-, in the eastern desert of Egypt. According to the Supreme Council of Antiquities of that country, the tombs are between 2100 and 4200 years old. 

The oldest ones date from a historical period that was called the "Old Kingdom" of Egypt. During that time the pharaohs were losing power, while various governors began to take control. On the other hand, the most recent tombs correspond to the Ptolemaic period.

What is interesting about the find is the elaborate architecture with which they are built. Some of the excavated tombs included a corridor leading to a gallery with a "burial" room, almost always located in the southeastern part of the structure.

Pieces of limestone with hieroglyphic inscriptions were also found and there were remains of what could be plated to make an offering to the dead.

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