Chinese rover Zhurong sends new color photos from Mars

The Chinese space agency, CNSA, published new color photos of the surface of Mars taken by the Zhurong rover that arrived on May 15 on the red planet.

The images show the Tianwen 1 lander, the reddish surface of Mars, and a panoramic view of the place where the rover landed.

CNSA said, The publication of this first batch of scientific photographs marks the complete success of our country's first mission to explore Mars.

Tianwen 1 is the first mission of the communist country to Mars and the 46th in the world since 1960, the first was launched by the former Soviet Union.

The Chinese probe set off on July 23, 2020, powered by a Long March 5 rocket from the Hainan province space center.

The goal of the Chinese mission is to find possible signs of life on Mars, as well as to help scientists understand whether conditions could change in the future to host human life.

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