Lunar Eclipse of January 21 2019 :Super Wolf Blood Moon


The super blood wolf moon is going to cast a light show on January 21 2019. Total lunar eclipse meets Super moon on January 20.
  1. The total lunar eclipse will last 62 minutes
  2. The full moon will be visible in Americas, Greenland, and parts of Europe
  3. Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019 won't be visible in India
Millions of people across the Americas, parts of western Europe, and Africa will be witness to a super blood wolf moon. Sadly, for India, some parts of Asia, and Australia, there isn't going to be anything special in the skies as they are going to be facing the Sun at the time of the lunar eclipse. This will be the last Total Lunar Eclipse until May 2021. 

This year's total Lunar Eclipse is called the Super Blood Wolf Moon as it will coincide with the Super Moon and the Wolf Moon. The celestial event will be visible from certain parts of the planet. Do no miss the total Lunar Eclipse of January 21, 2019, as the next will occur after three years on May 26, 2021. A total Lunar Eclipse takes place when the Sun, the Moon and the Earthfall in a perfectly straight line and in during this, the Sun is behind the Earth, and the Moon moves into the Earth's shadow while the Super Moon takes place when the Moon is closest to the Earth. the moon looks 7 per cent bigger and 15 per cent brighter. 

The Blood part comes from the colour of the Moon during a total lunar eclipse. Basically, when the sunlight passes through Earth's atmosphere, the shorter blue wavelengths of sunlight are scattered outside the Earth's shadow and the longer red wavelengths are refracted towards the Moon, making it look bloody or reddish. Thus, the name Super Blood Moon. But, since this particular total lunar eclipse is falling in the winter, it gets the “wolf” part of the name. Wolf Moon is a nickname given to the winter Moon by the Native American tribes after the wolves who howl as they hunt during the winter.

The total Lunar Eclipse of 21 January 2019 timings in India are 9:05 pm IST (02:35 GMT on Monday) on Sunday. The light show will end at 2:19 am IST (07:49 GMT on Monday) on Monday, January 21, 2019. The Moon will be at its extreme at 10:42 am IST (05:12 GMT on Monday).

According to NASA, the complete lunar eclipse event is going to last three hours and 17 minutes, including the partial eclipse and total eclipse, whereas the total lunar eclipse will only be visible for one hour and two minutes.

Note: watching the event need not require any kind of equipment and therefore it can be seen with bare eyes.

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