Astronomers found unusual Space giant forming like a planet


The astronomers found by using a new instrument situated high in the Chilean desert the Atacama Large Millimetre/Submillimetre Array(Alma). Astronomers have detected a star forming in the outer regions of the disc of dust and gas surrounding a massive star. The main object referred to as MM 1a is a young massive star surrounded by a rotating disc of gas and dust that was the focus of the scientists investigation.
A study published in the Astronomical Journal Letters a faint object MM 1b discovered beyond the disc in orbit around MM 1a. Lead Researcher John IIee from the University of Leeds in Britain said "Stars form within large clouds of gas and dust in interstellar space. When this clouds collapse under gravity they began to rotate faster forming disc around them. In low mass stars like our sun in this disc's a planet can form. A star and disc observed is so massive that rather than witnessing a planet forming in the disc and seeing another star is born.

The researchers were able to calculate the mass of MM 1a and MM 1b, they found MM 1a weighs 40 times greater than our Sun. MM 1b weigh less than our half the mass of our Sun. But Binary Stars are often very equal in mass and likely together formed as siblings. 

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