The stunning Full Hunter's Moon of October 2022 captivates skywatchers everywhere

The full Hunter's Moon rises behind the skyline of Brooklyn, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Tower as the sun sets in New York City on October 9, 2022, as seen from Jersey City, New Jersey. (Image credit: Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

Around the weekend, delighting astrophotographers posted stunning photographs of the October full moon rising above some of the world's most iconic locations as the so-called Hunter's Moon lit up the sky all over the world. The spectacular photographs show the Hunter's Moon's vibrant orange disk looming over monuments such as New York's Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Istanbul's majestic Suleymaniye Mosque.

The Hunter's full moon is the first full moon following the fall equinox, which signals the beginning of the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere. As it hung relatively low above the horizon at higher latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, the moon seemed bigger than the full moons of the summer months. Because of the light-scattering impact of the Earth's atmosphere, its orange color was also more vibrant than typical.

Full moon rises over Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, Turkye on Oct. 09, 2022(Image credit: Isa Terli/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

In the Northern Hemisphere, farther from the equator, the moon also rose quite early. The moon rose around 6:34 p.m. local time, roughly 9 minutes after sunset, for New York City watchers. It was found in the fish-themed constellation Pisces. Other iconic worldwide sites, such as Paris' Eiffel Tower, were photographed with the Hunter's Moon, which appeared in mainly clear skies this weekend, much to the pleasure of skywatchers.

Some photographers were able to snap the moon alongside Jupiter, which was also visible in the night sky during the weekend.

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