Here are some beautiful pictures released by NASA.

At present, we have not been able to explore the boundaries of the boundless universe, and the universe outside the earth is cold-blooded and ruthless to us. But you may not know that when you don't look at it, it will put on beautiful clothes and show the beauty that cannot be created by PS. Here are some beautiful pictures released by NASA.

Jupiter in Motion

Jupiter looks like a marble ball. The moving conveyor belts and swirling swirls you see in the picture are fascinating, but sometimes what looks like one thing is actually another, they are actually giant moving storms on Jupiter, A single touch can destroy a spaceship.

These moving vortices are spinning at different speeds and directions, making it hard to imagine that Jupiter is a gas ball that looks more like a ferocious monster.

The bottomless pit in the sun

This picture of us looking like a bottomless cave in the desert is actually a close-up of a sunspot, this picture makes us dream, the eye of Sauron, a sunflower, even the mouthpart of some kind of creature, but we just can't imagine it is actually the sun.

"Face" on Mars

Do you remember this face photographed on Mars? Although it turned out to be a false alarm in the end.
Or the Galle crater.

Perhaps, only the great artists of the Renaissance could carve such a funny smiley face.

Please stay curious about Mars, everyone, because there are so many interesting faces on Mars.

Mars is a Dali powder

A vast plain full of corrosion pits on Mars.

Dunes on Mars. The pictures are cyan because they are composed of basalt, while the lighter colored areas may be covered with dust.

Note: Dali (1904-1989, Spanish surrealist painter)

Mars "Wild Man"

This is the first NASA image of a savage on Mars, sitting on a rock as if staring at something.

Countless astronomers have taken this as evidence of life on Mars and continue to explore.

Saturn's "rings"

Saturn should be the most fashionable "lady" in the solar system, forever surrounded by stars. The halo in the picture looks like a glow stick that Saturn adorns his head. Guess what it is?

Seeing the third picture, I guess many people have already guessed what this is. Reply below the article and tell everyone.

See the aurora on Earth from the space station

This is an image of the Northern Lights observed from the International Space Station, which is a completely different flavor than viewing it on Earth.

The Wonderful Gourd Nebula

The Gourd Nebula is also known as the "Rotten Egg Nebula" because it smells stinky (if you try to smell it, you probably won't come back.) Haha, no kidding, because it's full of sulfur.

It also has another well-known name, "Bullet Through the Apple Nebula".

Do you think they look alike?

It's not a coincidence that the picture you see of the Hulu Nebula is actually a nebula that was actually "gunned". The "gun" actually comes from the nebula itself, when its central star begins to die and its interior begins to spill out. The yellow part of the picture is a space bullet that travels at a million miles per hour.

But don't worry, the universe isn't all scary and violent. Everything happens for a reason, because...

God is watching

This is a spiral nebula, often referred to as the "eye of God," formed after a sun-like star died.

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