Appreciation of the final works of the 2022 Astronomical Photo Contest

 Broken Leonard

Austrian photographer Gerald Rhemann has been named 2022 Astrophotographer of the Year. He took this image of Comet Leonard in Namibia on Christmas Day 2021, showing the tail being blown away by the solar wind.

Andromeda Galaxy

Two 14-year-olds from China have won the 2022 Young Astrophotographer of the Year award.

Windmill under the aurora

This photo taken in northern Finland shows the auroral corona behind wind turbines.


We marveled at the Northern Lights shining on the Vestra Cape Mountains in Iceland.

Icelandic legend

The photographer took this photo of the Northern Lights next to a shipwreck in Iceland.

Electronic witchcraft

The reflection of the Northern Lights is seen in a lake in Alberta, Canada.

Messier 78

This is a reflection nebula near the constellation Orion.

Radio telescope

The night sky reflects the Ming'antu Observatory in Inner Mongolia.

Arp 271: Cosmic Collision

NGC 5426 and NGC 5427 are two spiral galaxies collectively known as Arp 271.

Hydra windmill

The Pinwheel Galaxy was first observed in 1752, and this shortlisted image was taken 270 years later.

Eridian interacting galaxies

The pair of interacting galaxies are located in the southern constellation Eridanus.

Type earth blue

Photographs of Earth were made by photographers using satellite data.

Busy star

This image depicts the sun's busy surface and corona activity.

Reverse Minerals

This photo of the lunar surface contains hidden colors in the soil revealed by different minerals.

Over the south pole of the moon

This image of the lunar south pole is a composite of multiple photos.

Partial solar eclipse

A partial solar eclipse is seen from the Veneto region of Italy.

Saturn and its moons

Saturn's moons are distributed almost symmetrically around it, balancing the composition of this photo.

Jupiter family

Jupiter and its three largest moons.

Starry sky on the world's highest national highway

State Route 219, the highest state highway in the world, winds its way through the foreground.

Crossing the Sanyuan Bridge

The Milky Way crosses over the Trinity Bridge in the United States.

Circles and curves

The stars revolve around the North Star.

Crescent Nebula

A deep view of the Cygnus Crescent Nebula.

Pierce the stars

Majestic sombrero galaxy

Eye of God

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