Musk's humble house exposed: just one block from the SpaceX starship base

The "Daily Mail" first exposed Musk's $50,000 house in Texas that Musk rented. The backyard has a rocket-shaped swing, the roof is covered with Tesla solar panels, it is equipped with a Starlink network receiver, and the residence is just a block from the SpaceX starship base.

The world's richest man had previously vowed to sell all his mansions and then moved into a hotel and a temporary cabin next to the factory, and his ex-girlfriend Grames also complained about him. It is reported that Musk decided two years ago to downsize the real estate he owns, selling seven mansions in California for about $127 million.

He also denied that he had secretly lived in a friend's $12 million mansions in Austin, insisting: "My current main 'home' is actually a Boca Chica/Starbase rented from SpaceX. A $50,000 Tiny House…”

The Daily Mail last week found a dusty coastal base outside Brownsville, Texas, and tried to figure out if the $219 billion contemporary tycoons actually live there.

Neighbors told the Daily Mail that Musk did live in Boca Chica, just two miles from the Mexican border, at least some of the time. Just a block from his Starbase production facility, it's the size of a three-person ranch-style home.

On the dark side of his SpaceX starship launch site is Musk's humble "home". It is worth mentioning that Musk has a son with his ex-girlfriend Grimes, so he has built several children's playground equipment here, such as a swing in the backyard, although this little thing looks a bit like a rocket.

Records confirm that SpaceX snapped up the single-story waterfront property, along with the adjacent vacant lot and detached garage, in October 2019.

Neighbor Jim Crawford, 76, told reporters, "You know, Elon Musk did come because you can see SpaceX guys picking up trash and tidying up the facility in this place."

"He was never alone, he always had his bodyguard with him. He usually arrived late at night, he went straight in and rarely came out" "He waved, but he never invited us over or said hello. You don't go knock on his door, because the bodyguards will be out soon."

His entourage of bodyguards is reported to live next door, and the 1970s-era house is guarded by more than a dozen cameras, some of which happen to be placed on towering palm trees.

The three-time divorced, who recently had his seventh and eighth children with on-off partner Grimes, also built a custom theater and swing in his backyard, much like a SpaceX rocket.

Locals refer to the 1,580-square-foot courtyard as "the compound." "They also have a patio and chairs. I saw him once with two ladies and a little boy, and I think that's his little son," said Jim, a "die-hard" who has so far refused to sell properties to SpaceX ".

"I don't like rockets, and I'm a little too old to think about going to Mars," he added. "I care more about what SpaceX is doing on Earth." "This year we've only had a few migratory birds, maybe Because of the noise and lights during construction.”

Unlike previous owners, Musk doesn't have to worry about network issues even if he lives in this kind of suburb because his house is equipped with a Starlink antenna that can accept Starlink Internet at any time.

Trouble is, he'll have to drive 20 miles to the nearest supermarket to buy anything, and he'll have drinking water delivered to Cameron County once a week, but SpaceX has plans to build a desalination plant.

Rumor has it that SpaceX spent about $200,000 on the property more than triple what the county tax assessor estimated last year ($62,334).

"We are very happy with the offer we have received," Richard, 75, told the Daily Mail.

"I've seen the fence he put up and you can see why privacy is so important to this man. I sincerely hope that the people who live there now enjoy it as much as we do.

Musk announced in May 2020 that he was scaling back his living expenses, tweeting: "I've now sold almost all my tangible possessions and said goodbye to real estate."

Between June of that year and November 2021, he sold seven California mansions for roughly $127 million, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Musk further claimed in a recent TED interview that he would couch surf with friends, depending on which city he needed to be in.

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