Bad Weather: SpaceX 'space tourists' stranded on the International Space Station

Due to weather, the first "all-private" space team of the US space exploration technology company (SpaceX) postponed its return to Earth, and four "space tourists" will be stranded on the International Space Station for several days. day.

According to a news release by SpaceX on its website, the "Dragon" spacecraft and its four civilian astronauts were originally scheduled to return on the 19th. Affected by the severe weather conditions along the coast of Florida, the United States will leave the International Space Station no earlier than At 8:50 p.m. ET on April 24, it is expected to touch down on the Florida coast at 1:00 p.m. ET on April 25.

At 11:17 EST on April 8th, the "Dragon" spacecraft was carried by the "Falcon 9" rocket and launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, sending four civilian astronauts to the international space station. The spacecraft docked with the International Space Station on the 9th Eastern Time. The four crew members were retired American astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria, technology entrepreneur Larry Connor, Canadian investor Mark Patty, and Israeli businessman Eitan Stiebe. Among them, Lopez-Alegria is the vice president of Axiom Aerospace Corporation and serves as the commander of the mission, and the remaining three "fare" each cost 55 million US dollars (about 359 million yuan).

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