Day of the dead in michoacan

The lake region of Michoacán is the most beautiful setting to discover the traditions of the Day of the Dead. This area, made up of Lake Pátzcuaro and its nine islands the best known being the island of Janitzio is the point of reference for the festival, considered the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. All Saints' Day and the Day of the Dead in Michoacán is the experience that you have to live at some point, and Pátzcuaro, Janitzio and Tzintzuntzan are the three places to visit.

Patzcuaro, magical town

This magical town is the central point to begin the tour of the Day of the Dead in Michoacán. Different tours depart from here to get to know and see the impressive offerings that they put in the different cemeteries of the lake area. In Pátzcuaro, starting on October 31, preparations begin for the Day of the Dead festival and you can see the beautiful offerings in all the historic precincts; try the seasonal gastronomy such as pan de muerto or sweet pumpkin; and buy some product from the artisans such as calacas or devil masks carved in wood. It is important to book lodging and tours in advance up to 6 months in advance because it is one of the most demanded tourist places for this time of year.

Janitzio, ancestral tradition of the Day of the Dead in Michoacán

Janitzio is the largest of the nine islands found in Lake Pátzcuaro . On November 1, national and international tourism arrives to see the Day of the Dead festivity. The island is dressed in orange due to the cempasuchil flowers of the offerings and at night it is illuminated thanks to thousands of candles and candles from the altars. The experience is unique, because the procession is also made in silence to the cemetery at 12 at night, and later you can hear the songs in Purépecha honoring their dead. The atmosphere is one of true ancestral tradition and great festivity to wait for the souls of the deceased.

Tzintzuntzan, ball game to wait for their dead

This magical town located on the shore of Lake Pátzcuaro is another of the traditional places during the Day of the Dead in Michoacán. Tzintzuntzan was in pre-Hispanic times the capital of the Tarascans, and still preserves the Yácatas –or pyramids–, these being one of the attractions of the place. The tradition of the Day of the Dead in Tzintzuntzan is also in its pantheons with beautiful offerings of cempasúchil, food, candles and candles. But here, there is a custom that is not seen elsewhere and it is the Purépecha Ball Game. The belief is that with the game the Warriors will illuminate the path of the deceased towards the local cemetery. The players are dressed in traditional Purépecha costumes and play with a wooden stick and a ball made of volcanic stone covered with cloth., which is on throughout the game. It is a tradition worth seeing.

The Day of the Dead in Michoacán is definitely one of the best experiences. It is a state with roots deeply rooted in its beliefs and customs, and year after year they celebrate them with great respect and cult to their deceased.

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