Will the mummy wake up to utter the truth to Japan?

The Great Pyramid will remain a mystery baffling scientists for many years, in search of the method of its construction and the miraculous methods and tools used by the ancient Egyptians to build this monument, which is not comparable in its value or accuracy to any other building in the world so far.

It is noteworthy that a Japanese mission that arrived in Egypt in 1978 and includes architects, engineers, technicians, and archaeologists, headed by archaeologist “Sagoki Yoshimura”, during which they tried to build a miniature model of the pyramid with a height of 20 meters next to the pyramids of Giza using ancient and traditional methods of construction.

The Japanese mission began the challenge of building another pyramid with hand tools, as they cut stones on the bank of the Nile, and used preparations to transport the stones to the other bank of the Nile where the pyramids are located.

The initial planning of the experiment stipulated that a pyramid of 20 meters long would be built using terraces, with each stone weighing 4 tons. Now - and to involve 100 Egyptian workers to implement the experiment.

About 100 old workers could not move any stone, until the mission resorted to changing the plan, to form a pyramid shape in the place where the stones were cut, but they were unable again.

Despite all the technological progress available at the time of implementing the Japanese experiment in 1978 compared to what was available thousands of years ago when building the Great Pyramid, and despite the brilliant minds that participated in the study and implementation of the experiment from scientists in several fields, the team was exposed to several confusing shocks during the experiment.

Although the team eventually managed to build a 10-meter pyramid in the exact location next to the Pyramids of Giza, the experiment proved a failure by all standards, after the team had to use more than one technological means to complete the construction process.

This means, by extension, the incorrectness of most of the traditional theories that were said about the construction of the pyramids and which depended in the construction process on the old primitive traditional tools, after practical experience proved the impossibility of that, to believe the traveler’s statement in “Dictionary of Countries” that what comes to my mind, that If everyone in the land of Egypt met and worked for 10 years, they would not be able to build the pyramids again.

If these technological means failed to build a 10-meter-long pyramid that does not contain any corridors or granite stones weighing tens of tons, what about a giant pyramid containing those miraculous corridors and those granite stones, some of which weigh nearly 70 tons, which raises many questions. About the original and real method used by the ancient Egyptians to build the Great Pyramid, and the matter becomes more mysterious and magical.

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