What is a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse?

This event can be referred to in many different ways, they are 

  • Supermoon Lunar Eclipse
  • Super Blood Moon
  • Harvest Moon Eclipse
  • Supermoon Eclipse

All slightly different names.


A supermoon is a full or new moon that falls closest to the fall equinox and is at its closest approach to the Earth. This results in the moon appearing up to 14% larger in diameter.


It’s a new or full moon that occurs when it is at, or near its closest approach to Earth. This event, combined with Earth’s shadow slowly swallowing the moon during the lunar eclipse, will provide for a spectacular night.

Lunar Eclipse 

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow. This can give the moon a red tint. 

A Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

The combination of these two events does not happen very often. In fact, since 1900 a supermoon lunar eclipse has only happened 5 times. The last time this occurred was 1982, and if you miss the event this year, your next opportunity won’t come until 2033.

In 2015, the event was visible in the Americas, Europe, and Africa on the night of Sept. 27. Here’s a full schedule of the supermoon eclipse:

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