A species of dinosaur discovered in China goes viral by name

The discovery of a new species of dinosaurs is an important event in the life of a paleontologist, especially since they can put their creativity to the test when it comes to baptizing it. This group of scientists from China is a good example, as they did not hesitate to name their find in honor of a person famous for his disposition to be average.

The new species, discovered in China in July 2020, will be called Eubrontes nobitai, in honor of Nobita, the adventure companion of the cat Doraemon, and has already become famous on social media due to its peculiar name.

Xing Lida, an associate professor who was part of the discovery team said, Doraemon was one of the common childhood memories for those born in China in the 1980s.

Nobita was considered within the Japanese cartoon as an incompetent child, with an evident lack of physical coordination, lazy, and could sometimes become childish.

Xing Lida said, so why name a dinosaur after a character known for being average? The answer is very simple: The animated series that followed Doraemon and his human friend Nobita played an important role in teaching children about these prehistoric animals, as well as being a tribute to their curiosity, imagination, and kindness.

 Also, the drawings that were shown of them were quite well done, according to the criteria of these researchers.

The group of scientists has already sent a replica of the fossils to the Tokyo National Museum, as well as to the production company behind Doraemon.

 In July 2020, the team discovered a series of footprints in southwestern China's Sichuan Province and determined they were from a predatory Cretaceous dinosaur. The footprints were widely known to the locals, but they were not associated with the dinosaur markings.

Their discoveries, published in the Journal of Palaeogeography, show that the new Eubronte ichnospecies is distinguished from the Jurassic morphotypes, based on a very well-preserved trajectory, and represents the earliest Eubrontes ichnospecies from Cretaceous Asia.

The animated series first aired in 1969 and had a great impact on youth in various Asian countries. Doraemon is a robotic cat who was sent to the past to help Nobita improve the lives of his future generations.

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