For the first time, the Hope Probe captures images of the "hidden twilight" phenomenon.

Hope Probe is the first Arab mission to explore Mars. The Hope Probe, which is the first Arab-Islamic probe, managed to photograph the phenomenon of hidden aurora on Mars.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, wrote in his Twitter account: " do not swear by twilight, the night and its overflow, and the moon if it is consistent. Al-Amal - the first Arab-Islamic probe - the phenomenon of the Discrete Aurora on the red planet. Let us open to humanity new horizons to study this divine cosmic phenomenon.

The phenomenon of separate auroras around Mars occurs when charged atoms, emitted by the sun, collide with atoms of different gases in the atmosphere of the red planet.

And last February, the United Arab Emirates put the “Amal” probe into orbit around Mars, becoming the first Arab country to reach the Red Planet.

In the same month, the “Al-Amal” probe sent the first image of Mars taken by the first Arab space probe, from an altitude of 25,000 kilometers above the surface of the Red Planet.

The image taken at sunrise showed Olympus Muni's volcano, which is the largest volcano on Mars and the largest volcano in the solar system.

The probe uses three scientific instruments to monitor the Martian atmosphere and is expected to begin sending information to Earth in September 2021.

The probe continues its mission for a full Martian year (687 Earth days), extending until April 2023, to ensure that the three scientific devices carried by the probe onboard monitor all the required scientific data that humans have not previously reached about the climate of the Red Planet.

Hope's mission may extend another Martian year, if needed, to gather more data and reveal more secrets about the Red Planet.

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