A 'ring of fire' decorates the sky over the north of the planet

The first solar eclipse of the year takes place over some northern regions of the planet. In these images, you can closely follow the phenomenon, as seen in New York and Washington (United States).

The passage of the Moon in front of the Sun creates a brilliant circle of light in the sky, which is why the celestial event is popularly known as a ring of fire.

June 10 can be seen clearly in the skies over Canada, Greenland, and northern Russia.

In some places, viewers will not be able to see the ring of fire around the Moon, but will instead observe a partial solar eclipse. That is, they will not see the Sun and the Moon perfectly aligned, due to their location on Earth. This is the case of those who are in some regions of the United States, parts of the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

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