NASA shares stunning photo of what Aurora Borealis looks like

NASA left its followers star-struck this weekend as it shared the nocturnal view of Moscow from space. NASA shared a night view of the Russian capital city covered with miniature city lights. And it was not only this, the picture became even more special as the magical green aurora borealis emerged in the background, enhancing the beauty of the capture. 

NASA said, twilight from the misty skies.

The city lights of Moscow and its suburbs seemingly branch out towards an aurora in this stunning photograph, taken from the International Space Station (ISS) when it was orbiting 263 miles above the Volga River in Russia. NASA also mentioned in its caption that the Volga river is considered the longest river in Europe that flows through Central Russia to Southern Russia and into the Caspian Sea. Sprinkling another fun fact, NASA wrote that the Volga river freezes for most of its length for three months every year and some of the biggest reservoirs in the world can be found along the river.

Earlier this year in January, the International Space Station had shared a similar view of citylights with the natural auroras in the background. In a series of four pictures, ISS showed how the planet Earth offers some of the most stellar views at night when looked at from space. As the ISS’s orbit ventured as high as 51.6 degrees above the equator, Earth offered some awe-inspiring views of cities at night with aurora in between the city lights and the twinkling stars.

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