China’s Tianwen-1 sends back first incredible high resolution images of Mars

China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft currently orbiting Mars has sent back its first high definition images of the Red Planet and they are incredible. There really is no such thing as too much Mars. The probe, which is orbiting Mars in preparation for a landing on the surface in the not too distant future, took the surface photos with its high-definition camera when it was about 330–350 kilometers (205–217 miles) above the Martian surface. 

The color image, snapped by another camera on the orbiter, shows Mars's north pole in stunning detail. The two black and white images have a resolution of 7 meters, meaning the cameras can distinguish objects just 7 meters apart, and reveal mountain ridges, craters, and sand dunes. It is estimated the largest impact crater seen here is around 620 meters (2,034 feet) across.

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