India's treasure found at sea after 70 years


According to the Daily Express, the SS Gersoppa, which was sailing from India to Britain during World War II, ran out of fuel in December 1940. The ship was carrying silver from India to Ireland in Britain. The SS Gersoppa was attacked by a German U-boat. Which caused the ship to sink in the sea.

There were 85 people on board the SS Gersoppa. Who had died. India's treasure sank in the sea when the ship sank. India did not participate in World War II. However, India had suffered a great loss.

In 2011, the Archaeological Department discovered the ship that sank at sea. It contained silver worth Rs 14 billion. So far 99 percent of the silver has been extracted. It was difficult to get the silver out of the sea. It was kept in a small area on the ship.

Germany wanted to block Britain's trade by blocking sea traffic during World War II. Which was a big blow to them.

The SS Gersoppa also contained 7,000 tons of silver and other items. When the German Navy attacked the SS Gersoppa.The ship sank after that.

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