Incredible dashcam video captures a meteor burning blue in the night sky above Canberra

A meteor that burned so brightly it was seen across two different states has been filmed on a dashcam. Youtuber Alex Bresnahan, who frequently posts dashcam footage, had the camera pointed at the sky on Friday night in Canberra when he caught the spectacular moment at about 9pm.

The video was quickly shared in the Facebook group Australian Meteor Reports where the administrator David Finlay explained what happened.

He said, at 8:51pm tonight (July 5, 2019) the state of Victoria got hit by something big. Really big. Something from space (cue spooky alien music). I have reports of sonics from Melbourne to Mallacoota, Victoria. That's a distance of 400km. I've never heard of sonics being reported so far apart.

Mr. Finlay went on to say reports came as far away as Sydney and Orange in New South Wales - more than 200km from the original sighting. From these reports, and as long as this object was over land and not the ocean, I'm already predicting there are now meteorites on the ground somewhere in Victoria from this fall. While some social media users were amazed, others were also able to share reasons about why meteors can appear to be different colors. Colors are usually whatever metal or mineral that is burning,. We use to burn different metals and powders in science and they give off different colored flames. Same for meteorites. Whatever they're made up of, it will burn up coming into our atmosphere and give off-color.

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