GSAT 6-A failed and ISRO has lost its satellite communication

The ISRO launched its GSAT-6A mission last week. The first four minutes from the orbits of the orbit where the satellite was received, but the authorities later reported that the connection was broken. ISRO's circular spokesman said that both the lights were successful, but the satellite was not lost before the last lava was started.

Attempts to restore relations are continuing. This is the second major crisis faced by the ISRO in six months of launch missions. PSLV's C-39 missile failed months ago because the payload fair was not separated from the rocket's head.

The GSAT-6 rocket launched in GSLV's rocket spacecraft is one of India's largest news surveys. The new GSAT-2 satellite launched in 2016 is the latest satellite of the GIS. The cost of construction of the satellite to increase the capacity of the Army was Rs 270 crores. The duration of the moon was 2140 kg, which lasted 10 years.

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