Infinite Theory of universe

Hi, I'm Admin of Follow this Trending World, Follow This Trending Galaxy blog pages. I have a theory of about space i don't know how many of you accept this. If i got a  chance to prove definitely i will prove this to you 
1) Our Whole universe is infinity there is no end, there is no shape, no size, infinite length, no weight. Only one universe's is exist . In this universe in one edge, somewhere in the edge  God's world exist.
2) Due to infinity of universe, if we started a travel from the earth or somewhere you cannot reach the same place that destination started . You want to prepare a route map travel in galaxies near to you  back or you must travel back where you come. 
3) There is no alien in any part of the universe that's our assumptions. Looking aliens is is a waste of time. In my opinion we have to concentrate to explore more about space and find a similar planet like earth. 
4) If there is aliens exist we humans are dangerous than aliens. Outside earth every living creatures are aliens expect God's World. Humans are stronger than any creatures in the universe expect God's World. 
5) Rarely there is only 1% of planet similar like earth exist in this universe 99% no chance to find similar planet like earth. But we can create life in other planets i.e  using artificial made things and using natural things planting earth plants. .etc, example in future Mars.
6) Universe is younger because there is lots of empty space in space. Space have vast area of empty space, in future there is a chance of crowded galaxies, stars, planets. .etc
7 ) Experts says if two galaxies combined together the dust and gas particles form new stars and planets. There is nothing happened to the existing planets and stars. Then why existing planets or stars collide each other. What type of force preventing them. Why there is no effect due to the collision in the stars and planets? 
8) If started living a new planet our age and life not smilar like earth. There is 100% chance of increasing and decreasing. Earth have 24 hours need to spin on its,  that 24 hours be day and night in the Earth. Then take a example a unknown planet similar like earth or not have take 20 hours to spin on its axis. It's day and night within 20 hours. This planet have 564 days need to be take one year and earth have take 365 days take one year. In Earth humans life expectancy 80 - 120 years, but that unknown planet life have life expectancy 140 - 200 years. If unknown planet have 120 years then life expectancy between 40 - 50 years. This law applicable in all planets. This is applicable for all living creatures if it's an Aliens alsoT. his is known as Everything will be here. 

These is my opinion you like you can accept others ways you can discard (Reject) 
Last updated; 25/04/2018

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